if you are by chance landed here expecting to found a homepage of an institute of technology, perhaps called Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology or SIIT. this is a wrong place. your search engine happens to not so smart. for SIIT hompage, go http://www.siit.tu.ac.th. bon voyage.


this not.siit.net (and not siit.net), is a web space for people who happens in some point of their life associated more or less with an technological institute in Thammasat University, being friends of those, or have some relationship somehow. love story.

as the world is moving by people who tirelessly rejecting the establishments. major breakthrough or paradigm shift is by definition the finding of the unexpected or unintended uses of the very existing things. this space is yours. use it. hack it. creatively abuse it. and eventually reject it, ultimately. there’s no valid reason for this place to be here, as it currently is, forever.



We came very far. Part of our roots are from digitalboom, a web forum of IT department students at that time. Initially, it’s a little modified out-of-the-box Perl script runs on Hypermart, a free web hosting (the very few of that era that offers free cgi-bin), at http://digitalboom.hypermart.net, then later moved to http://www.digitalboom.org to accommodate the higher loads. Yes, it was very popular at that time. Meanwhile, around 2000 or 2001, another development begins at the other end, one student started probably the first SIIT webboard on Dserver, a free webboard service at http://board.dserver.org/s/siitboard/.

Eventually, the two, digitalboom and siitboard, merged together to creates siit.net/webboard and later also siit.net. With our own webboard engine, quite innovative for the time, the database and code designed for speed, and user interface for maximum webboard user experience (yes, the coders were already a webboard veteran by that time), it’s like a boom. Tons of students, alumni, and their friends flocked into the board. It’s a huge success.

In the early night of October 11, 2009, we decided to moved away from siit.net domain to not.siit.net domain, to make it explicitly clear that we are not part of nor got support from nor affiliated with the institute. Speaking more precisely, this is also to declare that our community has our own life. We are not just siit, we are well beyond that.

More than webboard

Whilst our stronghold is the webboard. We actually offers more services and information. Take an example of SIIT World, a listing of SIIT alum around the world. It also lists lots of scholarships and programs, related to education and research in science and technology. There was also SIIT Nerves, a wiki of all things related to SIIT, information that people may want to know about but can never found on the official site. Both World and Nerves services are currently keep unmaintained (Nerves is offline, but we still have the wiki database). We hope we can bring services like that back to serve notsiit community again.

Overall, the whole site and the webboard code base show it’s age. Lacking of all the things Web 2.0 is about. People also faded away to other services on the web. May be it’s time to start something fresh … wanna help us along? ping us at twitter.com/notsiit and let’s see what we can do together :)


The current webboard started since 2001. With almost 50 000 threads, more than 450 000 replies, and a little over 1 900 registered accounts (lots of them are fake or duplicates, well). The number is not so accurate, as we went at least two major database crashes, and quite a number of threads lost along.

According to Truehits, in 2008, we have 142 135 page views, from 16 463 unique IP, in 65 440 web sessions. We really like to have stats of the early years. Like one from Alexa. If you know some, ping us!