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[URGENT] speakers needed for a final orientation @ SIIT graduation ceremony
Hi all,

This coming Wednesday there will be a kind of "Final Orientation"
and celebration for SIIT new graduates na krub.

Does there anyone who can show up for this event krub?

We need speakers from Alumni Assoc (or any alumni, may be) a' krub.

It is March 30, 2005, 14.30-17.30hr.
Room No. 414-6, SIIT Main Building
("Congratulation Dinner Party" afterwards, 1st floor.)

message from Nong Nueng (#7 IT):
ҡԴ; Ҥ si
ʹѹظ褳ԭ仾ٴ ҹͧѳԵ ֡ѧԴ; asiit
ѹظ ¤Ѻ

please forward this around na krub and contact Nong Nueng back as soon as possible at:

charnkitt AT

Mon, 28 Mar 2005 16:39:06 -   bact'

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